18 January 2018

Upcoming 737NG & 737MAX Deliveries

With many of the airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering Next Generation 737s and 737 MAXs, most of those airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. This post is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to The Boeing Test Flights website, these listed below are the airframes that have begun assembly, or made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Additional information also provided by Tyke's Aero Blog and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 Production List. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future:

6656 | B-7300 | 61278 | Donghai Airlines | -83Z [01.04.18 EPA299]
6734 | B-1598 | 60465 | Ruili Airlines | -8ME [01.12.18 RLH1598]
6468 | A47-006 | 63182 | Royal Australian Air Force | -8FV (P-8A) [01.12.18 VVRC006]

6754 | B-1352 | 63686 | Xiamen Air | -85C [01.18.18 CXA8199]

737 NG
6453 | JA06GR | 61798 | Spring Airlines Japan | -8AL « BFI
6745 | B-____ | 63055 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P BBJ2 (N1800B) «
6752 | B-1366 | 42977 | Hebei Airlines | -8LW «
6755 | B-1363 | 63255 | China Southern Airlines | -81B «
6761 | B-1281 | 63054 | China United Airlines | -89P «
6764 | B-1348 | 63403 | Fuzhou Airlines | -84P «
6769 | B-1208 | 60173 | Lucky Air | -84P «
6768 | B-1358 | 63767 | Shandong Airlines | -85N «
6773 | B-1221 | 61707 | Kunming Airlines | -7LY «
6772 | B-1353 | 42952 | Xiamen Air | -85C «
6782 | B-1355 | 42953 | Xiamen Air | -85C «

737 MAX
6250 | HS-L__ | 42987 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N7379E) «
6308 | HS-L__ | 42987 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N739EX) «
6657 | B-1393 | 60902 | Air China | -MAX8 «
6690 | B-1399 | 60880 | Air China | -MAX8 «

« First Flight: 01.16.18
« Pre-Delivery Testing
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings

On the occasion that a delivery flight stops through a Neighbor Island airport, or Anchorage, AK [ANC], their IATA airport code will noted after its flight number. However, when the delivery flight goes through ANC, it will not be listed on the "Deliveries" pages.

Due to the amount of orders known, the 737 Order List has been moved to its own tab. When an airframe begins assembly or makes its first flight, the listing will be moved to this post, according to order of the Line Numbers.


17 January 2018

Hawaiian And Jetstar Group Interline Partnership

Hawaiian Airlines announced today, that they are forming an interline partnership with two airlines within the Jetstar Group, Jetstar New Zealand and Jetstar Japan. It will allow passengers on the two Jetstar airlines to connect at Auckland; Tokyō (Narita), Sapporo, and Osaka, respectively to Hawaiian's flights, and allow Hawaiian's passengers to use the Jetstar network in those countries.

13 January 2018

RAAF's A47-006

The Royal Australian Air Force is taking delivery of A47-006 (c/n 63182, l/n 6468) today. This 737-8FV (P-8A) is making its delivery flight from BFI as VVRC006, and will overnight at HIK.

12 January 2018

Ruili Airlines' B-1598

Ruili Airlines is taking delivery of B-1598 (c/n 60465, l/n 6734) today. This 737-8ME is making its delivery flight from BFI as RLH1598, and will overnight at HNL.

11 January 2018

Alaska Airlines And Virgin America Under One AOC

The FAA awarded Alaska Airlines a single Air Carriers Certificate today, signaling a further step in its merger with Virgin America. From tomorrow, it will signal the end of the Virgin America flight codes (VX/VRD) and their call-sign "Redwood", as all will come under the Alaska Airlines flight code and call-sign.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines press release.

08 January 2018

Hawaiian Launches A321neo West Coast Flights

Hawaiian Airlines commenced A321-271N service between OGG and OAK today. N202HA "Maile" made the inaugural flight to OAK this afternoon as HAL24, and will return to OGG tomorrow as HAL23.

Photos from Airways Magazine's coverage.

Hawaiian Airlines To Fly Between HNL and LGB

Hawaiian Airlines announced today that they will begin daily A321-271N service between LGB [Long Beach, CA] and HNL on May 31st as HAL69/70.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

04 January 2018

Virgin America's N925VA

Virgin America's N925VA (msn 7999) flew in this afternoon from LAX this afternoon as VX1057.  With the full merger between Alaska and Virgin America looming, the newest A321-253N wears a special Alaska-esque livery.

Hawaiian's N204HA ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua

Hawaiian's 2nd A321-271NEO arrived from Paine Field on the 3rd of January. N204HA (msn 7959) was named after the ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua flower.

Donghai Airlines' B-7300

Donghai Airlines' B-7300 (c/n 61278, l/n 6656), is the first 737 delivery to stop through Hawai‘i for 2018. This 737-83Z is making its delivery flight from BFI as EPA299, and will overnight at HNL. B-7300 made its first flight on 21 October 2017, and been placed in short-term storage.

01 January 2018

JALWays' JA8150

Our January edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to 2004 with this JALWays 747-246B, JA8150 (c/n 22479, l/n 496), seen above on Taxiway RT.

JA8150 was delivered to Japan Airlines in March 1981, in the Tsuru livery. In October 2000, it was assigned to Japan Airlines' JALWays subsidiary, complete with its own livery. In early 2001, it was painted into the above livery, with the "Reso'cha" titles, and flew with JALWays until November 2007, when it was withdrawn from service. The next month, it was sold to Orient Thai Airlines as HS-UTR, and flew with the airline for two years. It was stored at DMK from December 2010 to April 2014. The aircraft was bought by Kasemchai Farms, disassembled, transported to its property, then re-built as a preserved aircraft with its own tail markings, where it sits today.

Happy New Year! 🎉

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a blessed, prosperous, and healthy 2018! 🎇🎉🎆

31 December 2017

Crystal Luxury Airʻs P4-XTL

Crystal Luxury Air's 777-29MLR, P4-XTL (c/n 40955, l/n 952), is making a New Years charter flight  for its passengers to celebrate New Yearʻs Day in Sydney, Australia, and in Honolulu, HI. The 88-VIP seat 777, operated by Comlux Aruba [CS/CXB], departed SYD at 06:04L January 1st, and arrived at HNL at this evening at 18:31L as CXB772.

HAL446 Passengers Departs in 2018, Lands In 2017

Passengers and crew aboard Hawaiian Airlines flight HAL446 (AKL-HNL) will get to celebrate two New Year's! The A330-243, N399HA "Kūmau" (msn 1496), departed AKL at 00:05L, 01 January 2018; and landed this morning at 10:13L. The flight was to have departed AKL at 23:55L on the 31st, to arrive at HNL on the same day.

Further details in this Metro UK article.

28 December 2017

China Southern Airlines' B-1202

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1202 (c/n 62093, l/n 6686) today. This 737 MAX 8 is makings delivery flight from BFI as CSN202, and will overnight at HNL. B-1202 is the sixth 737 delivery for China Southern this month, and the 25th delivery for 2017.

This month also set a new record with 30 737 deliveries (14 MAX 8s and 16 -800s).

China Eastern Airlines' B-1385

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1385 (c/n 61626, l/n 6726). This 737 MAX 8 is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES9001, and will overnight at HNL. B-1385 is China Eastern's fifth 737 delivery this month.

Suparna Airlines' B-1391

Suparna Airlines (formerly Yangtze River Airlines) is taking delivery of B-1391 (c/n 64845, l/n 6741) today. This 737-84P is making its delivery flight from BFI as B1391, and will overnight at HNL.

China Southern Airlines' B-1365

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1365 (c/n 43906, l/n 6743) today. This 737-81B is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSN1365, and will overnight at HNL.