17 October 2017

Hawaiian Airlines Prepares New Facilities

Hawaiian Airlines has begun moving into its new cargo and maintenance facility as the construction has been completed. The twin-buildings, which the airline spent its own money to correct numerous deficiencies by state contractors, will house its cargo operations, maintenance, fleet safety, engineering, and security. The maintenance hangar is large enough to accommodate one A330-243, and two 717-200s.

Upcoming 737NG & 737MAX Deliveries

With many of the airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering Next Generation 737s and 737 MAXs, most of those airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. This post is continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to The Boeing Test Flights website, these listed below are the airframes that have begun assembly, or made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Additional information also provided by Tyke's Aero Blog and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 Production List. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future:

6605 | B-1328 | 42966 | Hebei Airlines | -8LW [10.02.17 HBH1328]
6610 | B-1309 | 63763 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P [10.14.17 CES9001]
6619 | B-1335 | 63050 | Shanghai Airlines | -89P [10.15.17 CSH9761]

6617 | B-1405 | 63805 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [10.17.17 CSN737]
6628 | B-1497 | 63615 | Hainan Airlines | -84P [10.17.17 CHH1497]

737 NG
6370 | B-7998 | 61358 | 9 Air | -86X « BFI
6453 | JA06GR | 61798 | Spring Airlines Japan | -8AL « BFI
6580 | B-1596 | 60463 | Ruili Airlines | -8ME «
6633 | B-1310 | 63049 | China United Airlines | -89P «
6637 | B-1498 | 43427 | Hainan Airlines | -84P «
6638 | B-1326 | 42942 | Jiangxi Air | -85C «
6642 | B-1406 | 63246 | China Southern Airlines | -81B «
6646 | B-1329 | 44395 | Kunming Airlines | -7LY «
6647 | B-1318 | 63764 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P «
6649 | B-1325 | 60170 | Urumqi Air | -8LP «
6650 | B-1305 | 63684 | Xiamen Air | -85C «

737 MAX
6250 | HS-L__ | 42987 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N7379E) «
6308 | HS-L__ | 42987 | Thai Lion Air | -MAX9 (N739EX) «
6464 | B-____ | 61621 | Shanghai Airlines | -MAX8 (N6046P) «
6490 | B-____ | 60872 | Air China | -MAX8 (N6063S) «
6508 | B-____ | 60953 | Air China | -MAX8 (N1796B) «
6569 | B-____ | 63245 | China Southern Airlines | -MAX8 (N1796B) «
6589 | 9V-MBB | 44240 | SilkAir | -MAX8 «

« Pre-Flight Prep
« First Flight: 10.18.17
« Pre-Delivery Test Phase
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings

On the occasion that a delivery flight stops through a Neighbor Island airport, or Anchorage, AK [ANC], their IATA airport code will noted after its flight number. However, when the delivery flight goes through ANC, it will not be listed on the "Deliveries" pages.

Due to the amount of orders known, the 737 Order List has been moved to its own tab. When an airframe begins assembly or makes its first flight, the listing will be moved to this post, according to order of the Line Numbers.


Hainan Airlines' B-1497

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-1497 (c/n 63615, l/n 6628) this morning. The 737-84P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CHH1497, and will overnight at HNL.

China Southern Airlines' B-1405

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1405 (c/n 63805, l/n 6617) this morning. The 737-81B is makings delivery flight from BFI as CSN737, and will overnight at HNL.

16 October 2017

Aloha ‘Oe N945WP

Island Air is ferrying their second ATR72-212 to the mainland. N945WP "Hilina‘i" (msn 434) is being ferried by Southern Cross Aviation as SXA419, and its first stop is CMA.

Island Air Files Chapter 11 Re-organization

Island Air announced today that they are filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy re-organization protection, while they work to resolve issues with their aircraft lessors. With this filing, Island Air will continue to operate as normal, and continue its level of service.

Further details are in this Island Air press release.

Hawaiian Airlines' N361HA

Hawaiian Airlines' newest A330-243, N361HA "Hōkū Mau" (msn 1823), has made its way home from the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France [TLS]. Their 24th A330 made a stop at Paine Field, Everett, WA [PAE], on September 28th, to have some cabin modifications done. On October 16th, it was ferried to SEA to be put into service as HAL21 to HNL.

15 October 2017

Shanghai Airlines' B-1335

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-1335 (c/n 63050, l/n 6619) this morning. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSH9761, and will overnight at HNL.

14 October 2017

China Eastern Airlines B-1309

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1309 (c/n 63763, l/n 6610) this morning. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES9001, and will overnight at HNL.

12 October 2017

Shanghai Airlines B-2500

Shanghai Airlines' B-2500 (c/n 35115, l/n 946) arrived this morning from Shanghai as FM9765. Originally delivered to Shanghai Airlines in September 2006, the 767-36DER flew with the company until it was withdrawn from use in August this year.  

Alaska Airlines Celebrates "Decade Of Aloha"

Ten years ago today, Alaska Airlines launched service to Hawai‘i, with a single flight from Seattle.  The airline is celebrating its "Decade of Aloha" with various Hawaii-themed promotions.

The top photo shows N559AS at Gate 23 after it made the inaugural flight from SEA as ASA851. Presently, Alaska Airlines serves the four major Hawaiian airports from eight west coast cities. The above photo shows the airline's current livery.

San José State Spartans Team Charter

The San José State University Spartans football team chartered a Hawaiian Airlines 767-33AER, N582HA "Ake Ake" (c/n 28139, l/n 857) for its road trip to Honolulu, to face the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday, as HAL751.

*** 10.14.17 Update ***
The Spartans returned to SJC late Saturday night, following their 37-26 loss to the Rainbow Warriors, aboard N580HA "Kolea" (c/n 28140, l/n 850) as HAL752.

11 October 2017

Southwest Airlines Announces Intentions For Hawai‘i

Southwest's Canyon Blue 737s in the Hawaiian Islands? The airline announced today of their intentions to serve Hawai‘i from the west coast. In order to begin service, aircraft from the Southwest fleet will need to be ETOPS 180 certified.  The airline did not state which variant it would launch Hawai‘i service with, either their 737-8H4s or 737 MAX8s. Southwest will release further launch information at a later date.

06 October 2017

Hawaiian Re-considers Widebody Fleet Options

In an interview with CNN Money, Hawaiian Airlines' CEO Mark Dunkerley, intimated that with the recent changes on their widebody order with Airbus (going from the cancelled A350-800 to the A330-800neo), the airline may turn to Boeing as an option.

Virgin Australia's VH-ZPO

Virgin Australia is ferrying VH-ZPO "Boomerang Beach" (msn 19000321) from BNE to BNA, via APW, HNL, and VNY, as VOZ9901. It arrived this afternoon from APW, and will continue onto VNY tomorrow morning. This ERJ-190AR is being returned to it's lessor, Avolon, who purchased it from Virgin Australia in June 2012, and leased it back. VH-ZPO will be put into storage at BNA.

Outback Spirit's N314CL

Australian tour provider Outback Spirit Tours is taking delivery of N314CL (msn C208B5355), Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, that is making its way from ICT [Wichita, KS]. Before crossing the Pacific Ocean, it made stops at COS [Colorado Springs, CO], MCE [Merced, CA], and FAT [Fresno, CA]. It will continue onto APW, early tomorrow.  After APW, N314CL's next stops are scheduled to be OOL [Coolangatta] and RCL [Rothwell], before arriving at its new home in Bankstown, New South Wales [BWU].

02 October 2017

Icelandair's TF-FIW

Icelandair's Abercrombie & Kent 757-27B logojet TF-FIW "Búrfell" (c/n 24838, l/n 302) has made a stop from KEF [Keflavik, Iceland], via MSP and LAX, as ICE1404.

Abercrombie & Kent is a luxury travel company based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, and the Icelandair 757-27B is outfitted in a VIP cabin layout.

24838 was originally delivered to Air Holland in August 1990 as PH-AHL. Three months later, it was acquired by Condor as D-ABNX. In February 2000, it was acquired by Icelandair as TF-FIW; and has been leased to Aeromar (May-July 2002), Loftleidir Icelandic (January 2004 - April 2007, and subleased to Blue Line from May-October 2005), Yakutia Airlines as VP-BFI (April 2007 - March 2013), and Air Niugini (May-September 2013). After its return, TF-FIW wore the Icelandic livery. Since 2017, it has been the Abercrombie & Kent jet.

Photo courtesy Charlie Alfa.

*** 10.04.17 Update ***
ICE1404 continued onto PPT [Faa‘a International Airport, Papaete, Tahiti] this morning.

Hebei Airlines' B-1328

Hebei Airlines is taking delivery of B-1328 (c/n 42966, l/n 6605) this morning. The 737-8LW is making its delivery flight from BFI as HBH1328, and will overnight at BFI.

01 October 2017

Aloha ‘Oe N944WP

Island Air bid farewell to N944WP "Ho‘opa‘a" (msn 345) today. The ATR72-212 is being ferried to BGR [Bangor, ME], via CMA [Camarillo, CA] and SLN [Salina, KS], by Southern Cross Aviation. It left early this morning for CMA as SXA416.


Our October edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to 2004, and this 727-282/Adv, N727RE (c/n 22430, l/n 1715), owned by Imperial Palace Air, as it made a stop at HNL.

22430 was originally delivered to Transportes Aéreos Portugueses [TP/TAP] (Portugal) in March 1981 as CS-TBY "Amadora". In February 1990, it was sold to Blenheim Aviation, then leased back to TAP. Later that December, it was leased to Somali Airlines [HH/SOM] as 6O-SCG, and subleased to Carnival Airlines [KW/CAA] (USA) in June 1992 with the same registration.  In January 1993, the leased was transferred to Carnival as Somali Airlines shutdown, registered as N6167D, and flew until February 1998. Imperial Palace Air acquired this 727 in May 1998, and re-registered as N727RE in February 1999. The cabin was reconfigured to a VIP layout, winglets were installed, and the JT8D-17 engines were replace with Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217s. It flew with Imperial Palace until April 2005, when it was sold to the government of Burkina Faso (Africa) as XT-BFA. It was withdrawn from service in December 2016, and now sits in storage at QLA [Lasham, UK].

30 September 2017

Xiamen Air's B-1303

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-1303 (c/n 42943, l/n 6608) this morning. The 737-85C, their fourth delivery this month, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA8499, and will overnight at HNL.